Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Hosting LIVE Audience On July 4

Land of the free, home of the franks.

Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Contest is serving up the proper celebration for America's Independence and Grand Reopening by opening its stage for a live audience on the Fourth of July.

Senior Vice President of Nathan's Hot Dogs James Walker made the announcement and expressed his hope for a successful Independence Day gathering after foregoing the live festivities during 2020's contest.

"It is encouraging to hold this event live for fans, who last year were unable to celebrate July 4 as they traditionally do," said Walker in the announcement. "Next year, we hope to return to the corner of Surf and Stillwell avenues, where we have held this event for decade after decade."

Nothing screams America like lathering up in SPF 55, wearing the Stars and Stripes from boots to baseball cap, and watch from the splash zone as Joey Chestnut goes for a new hot dog eating record after beating his own in 2020. Chestnut looks to eclipse a record 75 hot dogs consumed in less than 10 minutes, a hard feat for many but no match for the Wayne Gretzky of washing down 'dogs.

After winning for a fifth straight year in 2020, Joey Chestnut looks to hoist the Mustard Yellow Belt in 2021 to make it six consecutive.

The hot dog eating contest will be airing live from Coney Island on Sunday, July 4, starting at 11 a.m.

Instead of ending on a bad relish pun, OutKick would like to remind you that if you're still worried about mask mandates and white-knuckling Purell bottles on the Fourth of July, it's time to ketchup with the science …


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