'My Pleasure': Chick-fil-A Worker Takes Down Scumbag Would-Be Carjacker

Hey criminal scumbags, just because Chick-fil-A workers are typically undersized and the nicest 16-to-22-year-olds in the United States doesn't mean they won't stop an attempted carjacking in progress.

Let's go to Florida -- imagine that -- where some 43-year-old scumbag named William Branch is accused of grabbing a woman's car keys while she was holding a baby and then trying to steal her vehicle.

Not today, scumbag. You picked the wrong family fast-food joint to get away with such behavior.

Enter Chick-fil-A worker Mykel Gordon. That's him going at it with the dirtbag criminal.

Cops say the woman screamed and it caught the attention of the hero Chick-fil-A worker who jumped at the opportunity to serve society. It didn't take long before Branch found himself in a ground-and-pound situation with a young stud fil A worker who knew how to put his opponent in a guillotine.

Branch was finished and going to jail.

"She had a baby in her hands," a woman screamed at Branch, who appears to sit there completely shocked that Gordon had such a strong grappling game.

"How dare you scare her like that.

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