Murder Suspect Calls Cops Over Cold McDonald's Fries, Gets Arrested For Outstanding Warrant

There is a such a thing as a criminal mastermind. This murder suspect with an outstanding warrant, who called police over cold McDonald's fries is not an example of one.

24-year-old Antoine Sims called the cops after an argument with McDonald's employees over cold fries. When officers arrived they learned that he had an outstanding warrant. He took off, was eventually tased, and arrested.

Sims' warrant was for failing to appear in court after he was released from jail in February. He had been incarcerated since 2019 before being granted a $275,000 bond, according to court records. He is one of three suspects in a 2018 murder in an alleged drug deal gone wrong.

Last week Sims was visiting a McDonald's in Kennesaw, Georgia with his fiancée. An issue with the receipt printer caused the couple to not know when their food was ready.

That's when the dispute over the cold fries took place and police were called.

Note to self, don't call the cops over cold fries with an outstanding warrant

When officers arrived Sims explained the situation, "So when I come up, I try the fries. The fries are lukewarm, but they're not hot."

The manager had a slightly different story.

The manager said that Sims was offered a refund, but demanded they remake his food. That caused the situation to escalate and the manager asked Sims to leave and not return.

According to the manager, Sims responded by shoving the food and throwing a drink at him.

When officers attempted to have Sims sign a criminal trespass notice he took off running. He was found at a nearby apartment complex where he was tased an arrested.

All of that over cold McDonald's fries? Wendy's fries maybe, but not McDonald's fries.

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