Morgan Wallen's New Album Sets Spotify Streaming Record

Morgan Wallen's new album "One Thing at a Time" is already a massive hit just a few days after being released.

The highly-anticipated 36-track album dropped Friday for fans around the country. To say people were excited would be one hell of an understatement.

Prior to the album being released, fans crowded Bridgestone Arena in hopes of scoring tickets to a free show. The man's draw is unreal.

Morgan Wallen puts up monster streaming numbers.

Well, the streaming numbers are in and the data is popping for Wallen. "One Thing at a Time" was streamed 52.29 million times Friday as fans smashed the play button.

That's an all-time single day record for any male country artist, according to Billboard. It's also the most streamed debut of any artist so far in 2023.

To put it simply: Morgan Wallen continues to drop nothing but hits as he dominates the music industry.

Not only is Morgan Wallen crushing it, but nobody has survived a cancelation effort better than him. After drunkenly calling his friend a racial slur outside of a residence - which was a stupid thing to do - there was a mass movement to end his career.

Does it look like that succeeded? Not at all. Wallen has been murdering the country music industry, and his power only grows with every passing day.

The man dropped a 36-track album without a single miss. It was three dozen straight hits.

It should be fascinating to see what Wallen does next. He has all the momentum in the world and his upcoming tour is going to be awesome. Now is a great time to stream "One Thing at a Time" if you haven't already. It's definitely worth your time.

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