Model Kourtney Kellar Reveals How Knicks Backup Isaiah Hartenstein Slid Into Her DMs

Back in April, model Kourtney Kellar and Knicks backup center Isaiah Hartenstein got engaged. They started dating back in 2019 when Hartenstein was riding the bench for the Rockets.

In a recent interview Kourtney revealed how the two met. She says the seven-footer slid into her DMs, but he didn't do so like everyone else. He stood out by complimenting her smile.

"My Instagram is pretty sexy, so I get a lot of comments about my body, which is nice. But he came in and messaged me something like, 'You have the most beautiful smile,' and sent me his favorite photo of me from my feed," she said.

"I was wearing a turtleneck in that picture," she said. "It was really sweet of him."

After Hartenstein's DM got her attention, Kourtney, who was living in Dallas at the time, says the two went on FaceTime "dates" for a few weeks before they went on one in person.

"I confirmed he wasn't a serial killer and we met up at a restaurant. It went so great and I was really excited."

Life As An NBA Backup Isn't Bad At All

Another modern day love story with two people being brought together through the power of the DM slide. How romantic.

Hartenstein shows exactly how to go about things when you DM. He didn't go the overly-aggressive route that some guys decide to take when they shoot their shot with nudes.

He didn't even go with a compliment of her body, which she doesn't mind, but receives all the time. Hartenstein decided to lie.

I'm not saying that he doesn't like her smile or that he wasn't attempting to be sweet. Both of those things can be true. What I am saying, however, is that he lied about his favorite picture of her being one where she's in a turtleneck.

That can't be true, but it did work. The two are now engaged and living in New York after Hartenstein signed to a two-year, $16 million contract with the Knicks during the off-season.

Life is pretty good for the backup center that has averaged less than 14 minutes a game during his career.