Model Forced To Move Seats On Flight After Complaints About Her Giant Boobs

A British model, who claims to have "UK's biggest boobs" had to sit by herself on a recent flight because fellow passengers weren't fans of her prized possessions.

Leia Parker, or Jodie Juggs as she's known on Instagram, says fellow passengers complained about her large breasts during a flight from Las Vegas to London. She was eventually moved and says she spent most of the flight in a jump seat in the kitchen.

The 26-year-old's first mistake, other than getting her boobs comically enhanced to 32T, was buying an economy seat. She should have known there wasn't going to be enough room. If she goes economy, she's going to need two seats.

Not surprisingly with her one economy seat, Leia was spilling over onto others around her. The other passengers weren't happy about sitting next to her and several asked to be moved.

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Leia says one passenger asked to have her moved because she was pushing up against the woman's boyfriend, "The passengers were so vile to me," she explained.

"One female passenger said to the stewardess that she wanted 'this girl and her stupid t–ts moved.' She said I kept pushing up against her boyfriend, but there was just not enough space."

The situation was resolved when Leia says she was eventually moved to the jump seat.

"They didn't have other seats so I ended up spending most of the flight sat in a jump seat in the kitchen bit," she said.

She called the move "hurtful" and has asked the unnamed airline for an apology. Leia hasn't received her desired apology, but she has received a lot of attention.

I can't quite put my finger on why, but something tells me that the attention is what she's really after.