MMA Fighter Pulled His Tooth During Faceoff With Opponent

You never know what you're going to see before, during, or after a mixed martial arts fight. The pre-fight hype can get out of hand, crazy things happen in the cage during fights all the time and there's the occasional post-fight brawl that gets out of hand.

MMA fighter Jeremy Williams did something prior to his most recent fight that I don't think many people have ever seen. In an attempt to intimidate his opponent during the faceoff, he ripped a tooth out of his mouth then stomped on it.

That's right. Williams apparently thought it was a good idea to pop the tooth out in front of his opponent Bryan Arocho at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando.

The intimidation attempt didn't appear to phase Arocho at all. How could it? It's either a sign that Williams is lacking nutrition or has no regard for several hundred dollars.

Either way it's not all that intimidating. The move makes for a decent viral video, a version of which has racked up over a million views in just a few days.

Pre-fight stunts only work if you win

The move came prior to Williams' third fight in Combat Night Pro.

So how did he do? The Jungle MMA and Fitness gym fighter scored a second-round knockout over Arocho.

If you yank your tooth out before a fight, you have to win. And you have to win it in convincing fashion. Otherwise you're just the idiot who pulled out your tooth and destroyed it.

Luckily for Williams his tooth stunt didn't go to waste. He might not have intimidated his opponent, but he added a knockout win to his record and made some headlines while he was at it.

Was it all worth pulling his fake tooth out and destroying it? I guess it depends on how you look at it. Being someone that isn't into wasting time all that much, I'm going to say no.

He's no Conor McGregor but it all seemed to work out for Williams.

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