Mississippi Man Arrested For Allegedly Taking A Brick Of Cocaine That Washed Up On The Beach

Finders, keepers right?? Apparently not if you find a brick of cocaine that washed up on the beach. You need to contact the police if that happens.

A Mississippi man is being accused of finding and keeping cocaine that washed up on the beach after as many as 15 bricks of the narcotic were found over the weekend in Biloxi.

37-year-old Joey Ware is now facing aggravated drug trafficking charges. According to Biloxi Police Capt. Tommy Goldsworthy, police received a tip that he was in possession of a large amount of cocaine.

A search revealed that Ware was in possession of narcotics, which were divided up for sale. Police later found a kilo and a half of cocaine that was linked to the bricks found at the beach thanks to a "Dior" label found on the packaging.

Police believe Ware found the washed up drugs and instead of reporting it he tried to sell it. Goldsworthy urged others to call police should they find anything like a brick of cocaine.

Washed up cocaine is not your cocaine

"Instead of calling us like everybody should be doing, he tried to use it for his own gains. Officers were notified of this information and he was arrested," Goldsworthy said.

This isn't the first time and it likely won't be the last time that drugs wash up in Biloxi given that the city is located on the Gulf of Mexico.

Keep in mind the finders-keepers rule does not apply to found bricks of cocaine. Contact the police unless major drug charges are your thing.

Several agencies including Homeland Security, Customs Border Patrol and the DEA are still trying to determine where these bricks of cocaine originated from.