Miss Donatella Jumps On Her Riding Mower, The Ocean's On Fire & Canadiens Fan Is In Big Trouble

Did you guys start blowing up things last night?

It was so great to hear the M80s blowing up last night while I was having patio beers and listening to music well after dark. I lit up a raging fire, told the kids to go catch & release lighting bugs and the 4th weekend was off and running. Now it's time to crank things up with some pool action, maybe some landscaping to work up a good sweat and I might even get an emergency mow on the yard just to make it looking smoking hot for all the suburban moms who'll be driving by and looking at the yard like a snack.

I might even get crazy and throw down some mulch. You guys probably mulched two months ago, but I have these trees that drop seeds everywhere and they make mulch beds look like east side trash, so I wait to mulch. This year I'm way behind because of golf trips and the weather, so it might have to go down today...for the ladies...who'll be analyzing the spread.

Let's go out there and attack the weekend. Blow up those firecrackers. Blow up those cans of beer via a shotgun here and there. And let's all get back together Monday morning with all of our fingers.

• Vince R. emails:

Hi Joe:

I love your work.  You brought a welcome escape from the other joyless, worthless news stories and providers last year when I discovered screencaps.  I look forward to it every day and it is part of my morning info update routine. 

However, I have a question.  Do you get dispensation from penalties for not mowing on Thursday night due to golf league commitments?  I would think that that would be a perfectly acceptable exemption.  However, you are the commissioner so I need to get it from the top.

Keep up the good work!

Commish response: You do you, Vince. If Thursday is golf league night, there's not much you can do about it. Work in a mow when possible. Personally, I love those Friday night grilling and patio beers sessions over Friday night mowing. That's what gave birth to the TNML. You won't be fined for missing a Thursday, but it might be worth a conversation with the golf league commissioner on getting league night moved for the betterment of your life. Just sayin' Vince.

• Grant B. checked in late last night via email:
Got rained out Thursday and still too wet tonight. Going to have to go with a day/night double header Saturday under the lights like in Sandlot!
Thanks for all you do!

Commish response: It's understandable. Get out there, get the job done early and get the grill cranking out some BBQ. You've earned it Grant.

• Thank you to Richard H. who slid into the Instagram DMs to suggest Miss Donatella (see below) for Screencaps and a spot in the TNML. Look at that location Donatella uses in her post: "My happy place." Get after it, girl! Lay down those stripes.

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