Miranda Lambert, Former NYPD Husband Feed Nashville First Responders At Historic Broadway Bar On Thanksgiving

As Nashville first responders spend Thanksgiving Day serving their city, Miranda Lambert and her husband are using her historic bar to serve the first responders. Casa Rosa is open on the holiday with a free meal available for those on-duty.

Back in March, Lambert partnered with TC Restaurant Group and lended her name to Lower Broadway's newest honky tonk. It marked the first female-owned bar on the famous strip in downtown Music City.

On Thursday, Miranda Lambert's Casa Rosa Nashville is switching-up its menu and giving back in the process. It normally serves Tex-Mex. On this fourth Thursday in November, a full Thanksgiving spread with all of the fixings is available.

It will be free of charge to any police, fire, or EMT officers who stop in while on duty.

Brendan McLoughlin, Lambert's husband, is a former NYPD officer and was in service when he met the country singer in 2018. He announced Casa Rosa's giveback on Instagram earlier this week.

As a former first responder, McLoughlin noted how difficult it can be for people in that line of work to miss out on spending the holiday with their families. In turn, he and Lambert are using the meal at Casa Rosa as a small way to say thank you.

Miranda Lambert, Brendan McLoughlin, Casa Rosa give back:

"Hey, what’s going on guys. Holiday season’s here, super exciting, get to spend it with family and friends. But I would like to take a quick second to show some appreciation to a large group of people out there," McLoughlin said on Instagram.

"If you don’t know much about me, I was a police officer in New York for almost 10 years, my mother, my father, my three brothers, Miranda’s father, all police and fire. Holiday season is such a great time, it’s just for first responders, we don’t get to spend every Thanksgiving and Christmas with our family.

"So a slight way that we can give back here in Nashville is if you are first responder, police, fire, EMT, and you’re working in the Nashville downtown area on both Wednesday and Thursday, we would love to offer you Thanksgiving dinner at Casa Rosa.

"Turkey dinner, all the fixings, everything you want on us. It’s the least we can do to say thank you for everything you do in keeping us safe and keeping up protected. Hopefully we see there, and I just want you to know how much we really do appreciate you. So thank you."