Milwaukee Bucks Heiress Mallory Edens Doing Her Best IG Model Impression

Bucks heiress Mallory Edens isn't your typical Instagram model. She's the daughter of billionaire businessman and Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens.

She's also an actual model, who doesn't have to play one on social media. But much like other actual models she does play one on social media on occasion. Saturday just so happened to be one such occasion.

Mallory Edens put aside her push for people to donate to an abortion fund and got to work doing what the app was built for. She shared a bikini pic with her more than 214,000 Instagram followers. Now I don't know all of the Instagram model protocols but this picture was, for what it's worth, filed to her story.

Is Mallory Edens the next Jeanie Buss?

Mallory Edens has had quite the run over the years. She's gone from NBA Draft Lottery viral sensation, to model, to courtside at Bucks games sitting next to Aaron Rodgers. Oh and how can I forget? She's also an NBA champion.

Is she the new Jeanie Buss? Will she one day be running the entire Milwaukee Bucks franchise? Or perhaps she'll purchase a team of her own. She has expressed an interest in buying the Knicks.

Time will tell. It would be quite the addition to her already impressive basketball resume.

For now it looks like Mallory will be spending a little more time in front of the camera snapping pictures for Instagram and beyond. One day maybe she'll do some of her IG model work from the NBA Owners meeting.