Mike Leach Obsesses Over His Hair, Discovers The Magic Of Television, Jabs At Paul Finebaum In Hilarious On-Brand Interview

Mike Leach never fails to provide the most entertaining interviews in college football. The Mississippi State head coach, who is known by many as 'The Pirate,' was at it again on Friday.

As the Bulldogs gear up for a huge home game against the Arkansas Razorbacks on Saturday, the SEC Nation crew is in Starkville. Paul Finebaum is amongst them.

Leach joined his show to talk all things SEC football, but it quickly devolved into chaos. He could not stay on track, which is not at all uncommon and completely on-brand. It was hilarious.

To begin the interview, Finebaum tried to ask a question about the quarterbacks.

It was not long before Mike Leach went off of the rails

The 61-year-old quickly lost focus and was distracted by the TV setup. As Finebaum spoke, Leach pointed out how the multiple cameras on set allow him to get a good view of himself in the monitors and took a moment to make sure that his hair was on fleek.

When asked if he cares about his appearance, Leach said that he doesn't really pay attention to how he looks. Classic.

From there, Finebaum tried to set a trap and asked the head coach to rank his quarterbacks. Leach was onto him, dodged the question, and explained that the quarterback he has now is his best and when he gets replaced, that quarterback will be his best.

It was extremely insightful (this said facetiously)...

Leach, being Leach, rarely keeps things concise. That was the case again on Friday.

As he continued to ramble about whatever it was he was rambling about, Finebaum stepped-in to go to commercial. Leach sarcastically emphasized the importance of "all the commercials" that the network needed to get to.

And before signing off, he gave Finebaum — who often touts the greatness of the Crimson Tide after starting his career in Birmingham — a hard time for rooting for Tennessee (his alma mater) this year. It was a direct jab from Leach and couldn't have been more perfect.

There is nobody else like Mike Leach in college football. He is one of one and rarely fails to leave a trail of laughter wherever he goes.