Miguel Cabrera's 11U Travel Ball Son Is Better Than Your Travel Ball Kid

It's official -- Miguel Cabrera's son, Christopher, is about to have a dominant summer on the 11U travel ball circuit. We have very bad news for the travel ball moms and dads out there who've had their sons in the lab this winter tinkering with the swing -- video analysis, psychological analysis with a therapist, swing coaches, etc.

We now have game tape on Christopher Cabrera and it doesn't take a Major League scout to notice that this 11U is taking that MLB draft spot away from your kid here in seven years.

From everything we can see in the viral video floating around showing Little Miggy ripping a moonshot off some overmatched 11U pitcher, this kid has the balance, the hands/eyes, and a father in his corner that has 507 career home runs.

In other words, your travel ball son is screwed if he thinks he's winning a hitting competition against this kid. Watch for yourself.

Over on TikTok, grown men who make money off the travel ball community have been busy today arguing over whether Little Miggy is already 6'3. Keep in mind, Miggy senior is 6'4.

"He's 5'8," one travel ball Insider® fired back at his TikTok opponent.

"When we played him in 9u he was 5'5," some travel ball dad fired back.

Next, the travel ball dads went at it over the quality of pitching at this tournament that was apparently operated by Perfect Game USA.

"Kid throwing like 36mph… what do you expect," Darrell1818 spouted off.

That comment took immediate return fire.

"No I was literally in that tournament. The kids are throwing like 65 and some of the bad ones are throwing like 55," Cheek responded.

The travel ball dads then pivoted to a conversation on which level Christopher should be playing at with one dad saying he should play up at the 13U level.

"Yeah, but then he wouldn’t be the hero anymore and they wouldn’t be able to post this nonsense," a guy named Adam wrote.

Welcome to the filthy cesspool of travel ball. Christopher Cabrera is officially the talk of the sport and travel ball dads have plenty to say. It should make for a wild summer.

Buckle up.

Remember, for the travel ball moms and dads, if their sons can't beat 'em on the field, they'll do their best to get even on social media.

Welcome to the show, kid.

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