Michigan Police On Lookout For Somehow Stolen Cabin

In news of strange vanishing acts, a Michigan man told police his entire cabin has been stolen. No, not robbed -- stolen.

That's right, the entire thing is missing.

"It's kind of a weird situation," Trooper Matthew Scott, who is investigating the case, told reporters, via MSN. "At this point, the cabin is definitely not where it's supposed to be. There are different motives, but that's a detail we are trying to uncover." 

How does one steal a cabin? How does one elude justice in moving such a large piece of property without being quickly identified? Why would anyone want someone else's cabin in the first place?

These are the questions law enforcement officials are surely pondering, as they try to uncover what is perhaps the most intriguing development of their careers.

On the bright side, police say they have a few leads and even a couple of suspects. Basically, anyone with a cabin randomly placed in their driveway or backyard is likely being monitored closely.

"The brown cabin with a white door and trim had been in Coldsprings Township until it disappeared sometime between Nov. 18 and Dec. 16, the last time it was seen there," MSN wrote.

For now, it seems, the Michigan man's best hope is someone coming down with a bad case of not-my-cabin fever and turning themselves in to authorities.

'You don't see this happen too often," Scott said. "Anything is possible."

Anything, indeed.

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