Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Arrested

Michael Strahan’s ex-wife, Jean Muggli, was arrested this weekend, and now the list of accusations against her nearly outnumber the sacks Strahan compiled in his record-setting 2001 season. According to TMZ, Muggli “was taken into custody Friday night in New York City and booked for criminal contempt."

Muggli, whose marriage to Strahan ended in divorce in 2006, “was arrested for violating an order of protection involving an ex, (57-year-old Marianne Ayer) who claimed she was being terrorized by the woman,” according to TMZ. Ayer accused Muggli of treating her dog like the pigskin used in a punt, pass and kick competition, as NJ.com reported: Marianne had filed legal docs in June accusing Jean of grand larceny, disorderly conduct, harassment, coercion and forcible touching. Marianne claimed in the legal docs Jean took her son’s plastic gun which he used in a student film and threatened her, claiming the gun was real. Marianne went on to claim Jean abused her pets by allegedly shoving and kicking her German Shepherd.

This isn’t the first time Muggli, 56, has surfaced in the press. In March of last year, Strahan accused Muggli of abusing their twin daughters. The claims were ultimately dismissed this fall when the former couple reached an agreement for shared custody. At the time, Muggli and the twins were living in North Carolina, while Strahan resided in New York.

Nearly seven years after tying the knot, Strahan and Muggli divorced with the proceedings regularly making headlines. At the time, the former-Mrs. Strahan was awarded just over $15 million, and the Hall of Famer also chipped in more than five-figures per month in child support.

Several post-playing career media moves have led to near-universal praise of Strahan. Currently, the former defensive end works as a co-host on ABC’s Good Morning America and serves as an analyst for Fox Sports. His best career move may have been parting ways with Muggli.