Mexican Weather Girl Yanet Garcia Teases Christmas Content, Coach O Out & About, Plus The Veterans Day Sun

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Veterans Day

I want to start with an email from Ken S. in North Augusta, South Carolina who had several topics in his latest email, but this shall be the most important part of the email.

• Ken writes:

I offer two photos to remember why we celebrate Veterans Day:

This Monday night we presented our 18th annual Veterans Day concert, performed by the Savannah River Winds.  The first photo is the color guard presenting the colors to open the show.

The second photo (please note the gentleman in the white sweater, center of photo) is of Corporal Hal Peck of the 226th Signal Corps, who landed in Normandy during the D-Day invasion.  He served throughout Europe, and helped liberate Paris.  He is 99 years old, and in the photo is acknowledging a standing ovation.  He plans to come to the concert next year, also.

Best wishes to all for this Veterans Day.

In October, Hal was honored by the Consulate General of France in Atlanta for his service during the war when he served as a climber who was responsible for climbing telephone poles to keep communication lines operational all the way to Paris.

• Galen in Johnson City, TN writes:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the veterans for their service. They have helped make this country the best in the history of the world.

Thank a vet if you have recently enjoyed one or more of these freedoms:

My father was a veteran of WW II and was my hero. He instilled in me the value of hard work ( Do Hard Things) and getting an education followed by a career. But, most importantly, he taught me love of God, family, and country!

My Dad after the Allied bombing in Germany, 1944

According to the World War II museum, 167,284 of the 16 million soldiers who served in WWII are still living. An average of 180 are passing daily.

On announcerless games

Needless to say, I wasn't expecting such a topic to resonate with the audience, but here we are with a few more emails coming in on Jim R.'s request for more networks to offer an announcerless game option where he can just listen to the game in peace without analysis.

• Julio C. writes:

ESPN does a lot of announcerless college football and NBA games on ESPN3.

But he's 95% wrong. Most announcers and color commentators add insight and allow us to not be 100% focused on the game, and will grab our attention when something major happens. 

• Speaking of the military, Taters is currently serving his country -- he has a title that always intimidates me -- and writes:

Welcome back. Glad you and the wife got some time away without the kids, that’s priceless. In response to Jim R.’s complaint about sports announcers, I’m in near total agreement with him.

I’m primarily a college football guy, though I have been watching a little more NFL this year as I cheer on my Gauntlet teams (thought I made out like a bandit with Tampa AND the Rams - not so much). With the exception of a few at the top most announcers don’t add any value to the broadcast (Manning brothers are a welcome change) and the “fluff” gets old quick.

When your team, in my case the Oklahoma Sooners, has a down year you stop getting those top-shelf announcers and let me tell you, it gets annoying real quick. I recently turned 40 so as a tweener millennial I remember my dad listening to Oklahoma football games on his Walkman or headset while watching the games on TV.

He told me nothing was better than listening to Bob Barry Sr. And Merv Johnson call a game and give valuable analysis in real-time, even though he could see the action with his own eyes. Being in the military I’ve been living outside of Oklahoma for over 15 years so I’ve had to get creative at times in order to be able to watch and/or listen. Fast forward to today and I have found myself following in my dad’s footsteps and listening to the radio broadcast.

It isn’t perfect, and though Jim R. correctly points out that it can get out of sync, I tune into the local OU radio broadcast team while watching the game and try to keep it synched as best I can. Usually it only gets out of whack coming out of commercials, and only by a few seconds. I’d much rather listen to the former players (shout out to Gabe Ikard and Teddy Lehman) and play-by-play guys because their analysis is much more insightful; they know the game of football, they know the players and their abilities, and they know the coaches and their tendencies.

They know all this because they interact with them weekly vice flying in a day or two before the game and spending a few hours talking with coaches and players trying to find a “feel-good story” or crazy stat to shoehorn into the broadcast. I’m with Jim R., bring on the alternate broadcast options and give me more choices. Until then I’ll be going old school, like my dad taught me.

• Tom S. in Atlanta offers up an option for those of you who don't want to listen to national announcers call a Dawgs game. Watch Jim Donnan talk during the game!

Hi Joe, just wanted to add to your list, and maybe a few other teams can do this in good ways, but Rivals' has a Watch Along Show with former Marshall and UGA HC Jim Donnan.

Two people including site manager Radi Nabusi are there, all sitting in leather seats/couches, talking through the game, but with so much more insight and like talking to your buddies.

You have to sync it, like everything else, but if I'm stuck watching at home, it is 10x better than the announcers Jim R was describing.  Having a former coach on, you get great stories, play breakdowns, and often he calls the play perfectly before the snap. 

I smell flat-top grill drama about to break out around here

Wyn, a long-time Screencaps reader going back like seven or eight years, wrote in this week about his EVO flat-top grill and it didn't take long before Screencaps readers perked up.

• Chris S. in Antioch, IL writes:

Hey Joe, welcome back. Long time, no email.

Am I missing something with the flat top grills? I have been using a cast iron griddle on my Weber gas grill for 30 years, and have either option. Why buy a special grill for this, and limit yourself to only cooking this way?

• Chris D. in Nebraska & Wyn started going back and forth in the emails on the price of these things (I guess they're in the "thousands") and it was determined that Wyn owns model 10-0002. I guess it's supposed to make dinner taste amazing.

You guys can argue over spending the money on these things. I'm still over here using an air fryer for chicken chunks.

And that transitions right into Mike T.'s latest report from Spain

Meet a knife sharpener in Mercado Centro, Cadiz, Spain.

Now, this is multitasking. Get a workout in. Smoke a cig. Make some money. Help the community cut its meat and vegetables. I can respect this hustle.

Random items from the text group

• Remember when Pizza Hut was considered fine dining and waitresses would bring out blazing hot pizzas as you sipped on a beer poured FROM THE PITCHER OF DRAFT purchased from the pop-up bar inside those places?

• Some of you guys might want to install one of these to prevent turf burn for the 2023 Summer of the Patio:

• A Michigan golf tour for stoners is holding a 2023 tournament that is the talk of Michigan golf this week -- 517 Golf is bringing John Daly and Shooter McGavin into Mt. Pleasant, MI for a day of golf with two-man teams willing to spend $600 per person. That would easily be the most expensive round of golf of my life to rub elbows with Daly.

And with that, it's time to end this short work week around here. The weather officially changes here this weekend. The clouds have arrived.

That said, let's go have a strong Friday at work. The holidays are closing in and we need to hammer away before indulging in college basketball and college football benders.

Have a great day.


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