Mexican Soccer Fan Who Flashed Stadium Joins OnlyFans

A Mexican soccer fan who flashed an entire stadium last month is now baring all for an even bigger audience. 31-year-old Carla Garza announced that she'll be bringing her soccer balls to OnlyFans.

"Hi guys, subscribe to know all my secrets,” says Garza's OnlyFans landing page.

No one needed to subscribe in order to see both of her secrets last month. That's when Garza went viral for flashing a double dose of delight to fans at the Liga MX championship game in Nuevo León, courtesy of her double D's.

Garza let the dogs out following a successful penalty kick by Tigres UANL to beat  C.F. Pachuca. Releasing the hounds left Tigres fans with more to bark at than just the final score.

Soccer Fan Is From Monterrey, Mexico

Since Garza's flash went viral, one thing's become apparent - she's no boob when it comes to making money. Post-flash she quickly created a Twitter account which now has nearly 60k followers. Her account features a smorgasbord of risqué pictures and videos, often featuring her now-famous up-tops. Links to potential revenue streams like TikTok, and now, OnlyFans, are easily accessible.

Her first tweet included a censored version of her soccer match flash, captioned in Spanish with: "I'm new to this but they told me that my viral video is here. Thank you and an apology."

No apology needed, Carla.

Now, this soccer fan is set to score from her popularity. Garza's OnlyFans subscription will cost subscribers $14 per month.

Assuming even a fraction of her more than 170,000 combined social media followers sign up for a glimpse at Garza's anatomy, she should be able to afford a good size tv to watch any future matches at Universitario Stadium. Since ensuring that the fans in attendance had the breast time ever, Garza's been banned from attending future matches.

Potential For More Flashing Remains

Though Garza herself won't be able to let 'em breath inside Universitario Stadium, it doesn't mean someone else won't try. Mauricio Culebro, Tigres' president confirmed as much in a recent statement surrounding Garza's actions: “Of course, it shouldn’t happen at one of these events and we’ll be watching to make sure it doesn’t happen again, but we know it’s something difficult to control."

Garza recently appeared on Mexican tv show Es Show to explain her side of the story. "It was a promise to the stands. Then the emotion won us, everything won us and I had not thought that I was going to do it," admitted Garza. "It was something that came up at the time."

Appropriate or not, it's obvious that Garza's going to milk her viral fame for all she can.

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