Memorial Day Weekend Fire Kills 200,000 Chickens in Minnesota

Over Memorial Day weekend a massive fire killed 200,000 chickens at a Minnesota egg farm.

Two hundred thousand dead, just like that.

According to WCCO-TV, the chickens died after a barn, the home of the chickens, at Forsman Farms in Howard Lake burned to the ground.

“It was insane,” a nearby neighbor described the scene of the fire. “It was the whole sky, it was quite large.”

As of Wednesday, it's unclear what started the blaze. However, do deputies say they don't believe the fire is a result of criminal activity or an act of sadistic hatred toward chickens 

"Overnight, a fire destroyed one of our barns at our Howard Lake farm. No one was injured and we are grateful that first responders were quickly on scene to put out the fire. Unfortunately, chickens were lost because of the fire," a spokesperson for the fourth-generation-owned Forsman Farms said.

"We are evaluating the extent of the damage – which appears to be confined to a single structure – as well as investigating the cause of the fire."

Forsman is no joke, either. On average, the farm sells 3 million eggs per day to large retailers across the country.

Obviously, a shortage is now expected following the devastation in Minnesota.

From the burned barn to the dead chickens to the shortage of eggs for sale, this is an all-around awful story.

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