Megyn Kelly Slams J Lo, Shakira For 'Showing Their Vag' Halftime Outfits, Goes After Kim Kardashian 'Vanity Project'

Do you remember the Super Bowl halftime show two years ago? Former Fox News talker Megyn Kelly sure does and she's still amped up over what Shakira and Jennifer Lopez wore for that show.

Who would've guessed this would be a topic in late 2022? Not me.

“I object to like J.Lo and Shakira showing their vag at the Super Bowl,” Kelly said last week on her podcast. “Like I don’t want that.”

“It’s gotta be situation appropriate,” Kelly added. “But I don’t really object to just women embracing their bodies or showing up their bodies like the pictures you see.”

Let's pump the brakes here, Megyn.

I have completely forgotten that halftime show because life has gone on and there have been at least 300 other triggering moments since then.

Kelly then pointed out how she doesn't have a problem with women like 57-year-old model Paulina Porizkova showing her "bottom."

"She looks amazing," Kelly opined.

"What I object to is the unrivaled vanity, like the self-promotional, out-of-control focus on one's self. Ego. Clicks. Likes. are hugely responsible for that in our society," Megyn continued.

"I do blame them. I do. I've interviewed them and asked them if they're a force for good or a force for evil. And they gave me their answer and the more I've watched them over the years the more I think it's evil. I don't think it's healthy and that's what I object to -- disgusting vanity."

"The selfie culture is abhorrent to me."

Megyn's message is that she's not against some "titillation" here and there, but the "disgusting vanity" fully triggers the veteran anchor.

"Her life is one long vanity project and she's bringing our children down with her. That's what I object to. She and her sisters."

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