'Megan Fox Lookalike' Shares What It's Like Being In The Military

While she might be more attractive than her male comrades in the military, this "Megan Fox lookalike" isn't treated any differently. And she wouldn't have it any other way.

The Megan Fox lookalike's name is Kerra Buerger and she has more than 267,000 followers on TikTok. While she hasn't posted anything to her account in several months, a video from earlier this year is getting some attention.

In the video the stunning member of the United States Air Force shares "What it's like being in a male dominated career field." The clip shows her attempting to talk and being cut-off by men yelling expletives.

Kerra looks around and nods as the audio of the swear words plays out. She captioned the clip, which now has more than 9 million views, "Wouldn't have it any other way."

Megan Fox Of The Military

Some in the comment section said this was life in the military and it proved that she was part of the team. Others couldn't get over her resemblance to Megan Fox.

One asked, "When did Megan Fox join the military?"

"Transformers money ran out," she replied.

With the large following and the stunning good looks it's a little odd that she hasn't posted anything in several months. Maybe she's been busy with military life or simply trying to play by the rules.

We can't forget about the fitness model who was demoted for her social media activity.

Whatever she's been up to there will for sure be a future in social media influencing waiting for her should she choose to go down that path.