Mayhem Ensues As Kentucky Students Flip Car, Burn Couch To Celebrate Florida Win On Famous State Street

Kentucky football is on the up-and-up. The Wildcats are coming off of 10-win season with a lot of momentum and began the year at 2-0 after a win over No. 12 Florida on Saturday.

With the victory, head coach Mark Stoops became the winningest head football coach in program history. He even surpassed the great Bear Bryant.

While the football team traveled home from Gainesville, the party in Lexington was in full force. Kentucky football appears to be legit and the students are fired up.

They rushed to the famous State Street to celebrate the win, as has been tradition in all sports for years.

Utter mayhem ensued as crowds gathered in mass.

At first, wood pallets, chairs, cardboard and other various objects were set on fire in the middle of the students.

And then a couch was added into the mix.

From there, the party continued into Sunday morning. People were everywhere.

Here is a look at some of the wild scenes on State Street at Kentucky:

Unfortunately, the Wildcats may have taken things one step too far. It is unclear as to who's car it was and how it ended up on its side, but a vehicle was flipped.

Assuming that the owner did not volunteer his or her car to be flipped, that's simply not okay. However, if the car owner was in on the plan, then all of this is moot and it was epic.

More than likely, though, someone did not say "HEY! LET'S FLIP MY CAR!" which makes it uncool. College football causes people to do and say some crazy things, so maybe he or she did give the green lit to have his or her car flipped — who knows?!

Here's how it went down:

Eventually, the fire department arrived on the scene to break things up and put out the flaming couch. The celebration came to an end, but Kentucky football continues to roll.

Will the chaos continue if the Wildcats keep winning? It sure seems that way. State street beware.