'Mayhem': All Hell Breaks Loose At Florida Man Lake Party; Fights, DUIs & Arrests!

Summer in Florida is off to a fast start, according to the Volusia Sheriff's Department who had their hands full Saturday with the "Mayhem at Lake George 2022" event where surveillance video showed bodies being thrown off a party barge.

According to news reports and the sheriff's office, there were multiple arrests made after the 'Mayhem'.

"You're going to need rescue," a deputy can be heard over a police scanner as the partiers try to wash blood off one guy's face.

"Got one guy on the deck. Looks like he's unconscious and bleeding heavily from the face," the pilot calls out.

Billed as a "huge flotilla/gathering on the Juniper sandbar," the "Mayhem at Lake George" didn't disappoint in the content department.

Just another day on the water in Florida.

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