Massive Russian McDonald's Superfan Chains Himself To Restaurant Door In Protest

A big ol' Russian McDonald's superfan went McNuts over the weekend and chained himself to the door of the burger chain's Moscow location, according to media reports and video of the incident shared on social media.

Luka Safronov, the tubby McNugget superfan, staged his protest just hours before McDonald's closed its Russian operations due to President Vladimir Putin's invasion in Ukraine. 850 branches of McDonald's were scheduled to be closed across Russia on Monday.

“Closing down is an act of hostility against me and my fellow citizens!” Safronov was heard yelling before the Russian police, who were not McLovin' this act of defiance, hauled his massive ass off to who knows where.

“They have no right to close,” Luka added as police worked to free him from the door.

If Luka is able to get out of prison, or survive prison, for his behavior, there's even more bad news for the fast-food connoisseur. Coca-Cola has canceled supplies that were supposed to be sent to Russia. According to The Mirror, a glass of Coke is now over $10 in the rogue nation.

Let's say Luka does manage to get out of a Russian prison in the next couple of weeks, there is hope for the McSuperfan. There's a black market for McDonald's burgers as many people have filled their freezers with Big Macs that are now reportedly selling for $300 to desperate Russians who are starting to feel the effects of Putin's decision.


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