Martha Stewart Appears To Be Topless In Coffee Promo, Josh Allen Stiff Arm In The Louvre & Vegas Gone Wild

I don't know how anyone will beat the Bills in the playoffs if they get home-field advantage

It's all over. The Bills are your AFC champions. We're looking at a team that reminds me of when the Patriots got home-field advantage in the playoffs and it was all over. Nobody was coming into New England and beating those complete teams.

Buffalo is complete.

Yes, I'm a Bengals fan and I enjoyed the hell out of that Super Bowl run, but I'm also a realist. I know a Super Bowl team when I see one and Buffalo has no choice -- in Josh Allen's third season -- but to win a Super Bowl. We're six months away from Glendale, Arizona and Bills fans better be reserving hotel rooms.

Unless Josh Allen makes one too many runs on those 26-year-old legs. The stiff arms are cool and Cool Twitter loves them, but let's not forget that those legs out in the open field are big targets. It's a long way to February 12.

• Pat M. in Vancouver, USA writes:

Joe,  I was excited to watch the game tonight but ended up with a lot of disappointments.

On a positive note I loved Josh Allen stiff arming Nick Scott on his way to a first down. He was playing like it was a playoff game.

I’m glad I got my mowing done just in time for the kickoff too

• Mark R. writes:

Omg. So Collinsworth says well, Buffalo comes in you know they’re from Buffalo they handled the heat. Omfg. Yeah because it’s 100 below in Buffalo in the summer. Can’t possibly handle the heat. He’s so stupid.

• Kevin in Gibsonia, PA writes:

As a Bills fan living in the heart of stillers country, I have my smoke shack painted in Bill's blue and red with blue and red lighting. We will be cranking out some smoked wings and pizza for the opener tonight, watching on the back deck with some ice-cold Moosehead lights.  Even though I'm 3 hours away from orchard park,  I'm still a season ticket holder.  Can't wait to party with the mafia. Go Bills!!!

NFL opponent food menus

You guys seem to enjoy this topic. I'm all for NFL opponent menus becoming a thing. Help your fellow readers figure out their grocery list on Fridays each week.

• Mark in VA comes out firing and questioning Guy G's menu!

I believe Guy G is a little out of sorts with the LA and Miami food assignments. Seems like Miami is screaming for a Cuban sandwich and LA is the perfect spot for the seared fish tacos. Both can be done on the grill, so everyone is a winner. Maybe it's just me. 

• Brandon C. in Ann Arbor loves this topic:

Wanted to add to the opponent tailgating food discussion. My dear ol' dad (RIP, pops) was a 30+ yr season ticket holder for the Detroit Lions (started taking his medical partner's Tiger Stadium tix, then added when the Lions moved to the Silverdome, then scaled back on the move to Ford Field before finally giving up his tix during the Millen Era).

When I became old enough to help (around 7-8 years old), we started tailgating in the Silverdome parking lot before games (continued through the move to Eastern Market when Ford Field opened), and my dad started with simple hot dogs or hamburgers, but then expanded to doing "Honor the Opponent" tailgates, with food themed on the opponent.

His only deviation was on Thanksgiving games where we'd do breakfast no matter what (omelet station.. yes!), and on Christmas Day games where we'd do pierogis and pot roast (yeah, we're Polish). My dad's golfing buddies (10-12 guys who always had the first tee time at Oakland Univ's course every Sat morning from late March through mid-Nov) who had Lions tix would join in, so we'd be cooking for 20-30 people each week.

Some examples of Opponent Menus included:


Chicago-- Italian beef sandwiches or Chicago-style hot dogs or Da Bears Polish sah-sa-gez
Green Bay-- Brats. Always cooked in Wisconsin beer. And a big pot of cheese dip.
Minnesota-- fried walleye or whitefish sandwiches, or the occasional pot of Swedish meatballs
Tampa Bay-- BBQ shrimp or scallops

Dallas or Houston-- texas style beef bbq (briskets, beef ribs, steaks) or Tex-Mex tacos
Cincinnati-- chili dogs with Cincy-style chili
New York teams-- break out the pizza stone for thin crust pizzas on the grill
Arizona-- fajitas
New Orleans-- po boys, creole shrimp, gator bites, andouille sausages

Denver-- buffalo burgers
Miami-- cubanos
New England-- clam chowder and BBQ'd lobster claws / tails (probably my dad's favorite opponent from a cooking perspective)
Tennessee, Carolina-- pork BBQ, usually pulled pork shoulder
Buffalo-- wings and beef on weck sandwiches
Kansas City & St Louis-- Pork ribs.. lots of pork ribs
Seattle-- grilled salmon on wood planks
San Diego-- fish tacos
Baltimore-- soft shell crabs boiled

Indianapolis, Cleveland, Los Angeles / Oakland / San Fran, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Atlanta

• Marty M., who started the food conversation this week, says he talked his wife out of making chili this weekend. It's too damn hot, Mrs. M.!

She's going to hammer out some walking tacos, brownies and lemon bars. Rest of the family is responsible for the sides. I'm sorry, but Guy G's menu is way too sophisticated for me. I'm a simple man. Honestly, Miller Lite with a bag of chips will do most football weekends. Enjoy all the football.

Job update

Back in June, I mentioned my father-in-law and his career in the nuclear power plant industry. At the time, I received a message from Air Force vet Jason S. who was looking to get into the nuclear industry. He traded emails with my father-in-law and here we are in early September with an update.

Jason writes:

To keep you up to date, I accepted a position with NextEra Energy at the Seabrook Generating Station as a Nuclear Engineer I - Mechanical. 

Now, it's Friday, the Internet is loaded with material and I need to be outta here late this afternoon to enjoy an 85-degree and blue skies day. In a month, the clouds begin to roll in and I won't see much sun until early May. It's imperative that I get this Vitamin D.

Have a great day. Enjoy those lunch beers. Have a great weekend and let's have some fun. Remember to send in those photos and videos from the wilds of the football world. Show me everything.


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