Fire Trailer Drops For Lincoln Assassination Series

The trailer for "Manhunt" paints a very dark and sinister journey for viewers.

The Apple TV+ series will shine a light on the "story of the high-stakes hunt for John Wilkes Booth" following the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln at Ford Theater in 1865 after the Civil War ended.

Lincoln's assassination was arguably the most shocking moment in the country's history up to that point. Booth initially escaped and a massive manhunt - hence the title - was launched to find him and anyone else who was involved.

Judging from the trailer, viewers are going to be in for a wild ride. Give it a watch below, and hit me with your thoughts at

"Manhunt" looks awesome.

It's not a surprise to anyone reading this that I think "Manhunt" looks like it's going to be a must-watch series. I'm sure anyone who loves history feels the same way.

Nothing gets the blood pumping like a great story ripped from the pages of history. It's one of the reasons why "Masters of the Air" is taking the entertainment world by storm right now.

People simply can't get enough of true stories.

Now, Apple is bringing viewers a series about the killing of Lincoln and the hunt for the man who pulled the trigger. It looks damn good, and Anthony Boyle as Booth is going to be great.

He's outstanding in "Masters of the Air," and I have no doubt he'll also be great in "Manhunt" as arguably the most famous murderer in American history.

"Manhunt" premieres March 15th on Apple TV+, and there's a 100% chance it's going on my list. Can Apple hit another home run following the incredible success of "Masters of the Air"? We'll find out soon enough. Let me know your thoughts on the trailer at

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