Mandy Rose Shares Behind The Scenes Look At Her 'Thickness'

Amanda Saccomanno hasn't been in headline making mode as of late. Instead the former wrestler, known by her ring name Mandy Rose, has been focused on her new career as an exclusive content creator.

The last time Mandy ended up making waves on the internet she was confirming a rumor about rating her subscriber's junk - for a price, of course.

She told Renée Paquette on Renée's podcast, "Oh, you caught me for a loop on that one. I was not expecting that. It is a thing, I will say that. It's definitely a thing, it's crazy."

"I mean…we all get them in the DMs, so you know what?," she explained. "I might as well make the most of it."

With an approach like that one thing is for sure, Mandy is a woman who understands how to monetize the content game. Take one look at her recent Instagram activity and it's quite obvious she's working on building an empire.

It's one photo shoot after another with a few looks that are safe enough to share on Instagram followed by instructions to visit the link in the bio for the exclusive content.

The formula has been a very successful one. She's done nothing but stack up the funds since the WWE cut her loose.

There's No Slowing This Content Machine Down

Mandy's latest exclusive content promo comes from her Instagram story with a bikini selfie and a behind the scenes look at her "thickness."

From the looks of it she's ready to step back in the ring at any time. That's certainly something fans hope they see.

If Mandy hopes to have the best of both worlds that opportunity will have to come outside of the WWE. That's a path she is open to. Just not at that moment.

She said of a return to the ring, possibly with the AEW, "I haven’t ruled it out for sure. It’s not like the boots are hung up and stuff."

"It’s not like that but right now, it’s not my main focus but just right now, it’s not my main focus but definitely for the future, maybe. We’ll see."

The focus right now is to make hay while the sun is shining. If she ever decides to do both she'll have some happy fans, both paying and otherwise.

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