Man Fakes His Own Kidnapping To Ring In The New Year With His Side Chick

A 35-year-old Australian man is accused of faking his own kidnapping to free up his New Year's Eve. The plan was put in place so that he could ring in the new year with his side chick, instead of his girlfriend.

Paul Iera was arrested last week for faking the New Year's Eve kidnapping. He was charged with making false accusation with intent subject other to investigation and false representation resulting in police investigation.

Police say Iera left his house at 11:45 p.m. on December 31. He told his girlfriend that he was meeting with his "financial guy." Shortly after leaving, his girlfriend received the first of several text messages from a sex worker friend of his.

The sex worker claimed to have kidnapped Iera. In the text messages that followed, the sex worker explained that they were keeping him until the morning. In the morning, Iera was to pay the "kidnappers" back with a bike.

According to police, it was all a lie. They were contacted by the concerned girlfriend and launched an investigation. The investigation turned up surveillance video that showed him arriving safely at his side chick's home.

Iera was seen on the surveillance footage carrying his phone and an overnight bag as he walked into the home. In the morning he was dropped back off at his vehicle by his lover. She was apparently unaware of his kidnapping scheme.

Who Comes Up With A Fake Kidnapping?

She only learned about the scheme after overhearing him tell his dad that he had been kidnapped prior to dropping him off at his car the next morning.

Police told the court that the investigation into the alleged kidnapping cost more than $25,000 and wasted as many as 200 hours.

Wouldn't it have been much easier to break up with your girlfriend? Or do something to start a fight and use it as an excuse to storm out, free to spend the night with the side chick?

You hate to assume things, but it's hard to believe he tried breaking up or starting a fight before jumping straight to kidnapping. Both of those plans seem like surefire ways to free up your New Year's Eve.

Faking a kidnapping to get out of the house is way down the list of things to attempt.

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