Man Buried A Bag Of Flamin' Hot Cheetos In A 3,000 Pound Tomb For Future Generations To Discover

Burying things in the ground for future generations to discover is nothing new. Creating a giant tomb and spending $1,100 to bury a snack food is definitely new.

An animator/artist, who goes by the name Sunday Nobody on multiple social media platforms, has just done so. He spent countless hours and more than $1,000 creating a 3,000 pound tomb for a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

The tomb has insane measures in place to ensure that nothing happens to the bag of Cheetos. Those measures include wires with springs to account for possible earthquakes.

The whole point of what he describes as his hobby is to leave the Cheetos behind for future civilizations to find. He left a plaque at the burial site for whoever ends up finding the buried "treasure."

In a comment the artist estimated the cost of everything that went into the project. Here's a breakdown of his list of costs.

Sunday Nobody put together a three-minute video that documented the entire process that took place over several months. The video is approaching 11 million views.

So Much Time And Effort For A Bag Of Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Future civilizations are going to find two things for sure from this time in human history. There will be tons and tons of plastic and this bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

Given all that went into this project, we should probably be encouraging this guy to focus on some more pressing issues. While leaving behind Cheetos is important work, I have a feeling he could solve some bigger societal problems.

Maybe I'm wrong, he did just spend months of his life essentially throwing $1,100 in a hole in the ground. Anyone can do that.

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