Luke Combs Shows Off Slick Left-Handed Jumper, Pranks Tour Mate Jordan Davis With A LOT Of Dirt

Luke Combs wrapped up 'The Middle of Somewhere Tour' with a prank on his tour mate Jordan Davis in Oklahoma City. It involved a lot of dirt.

Davis, who has traveled with Combs over the last few months, is known for his big hit single 'Buy Dirt.' The concept is simple— it's about starting a family and building a life together.

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy dirt," says Davis in the chorus.

Those two words "buy dirt" are said over and over again throughout the song. Combs has heard Davis sing that phrase countless times and decided to turn it into a practical joke.

To do so, he bought dirt. Literally. And a lot of it.

As Davis performed on Saturday night, Combs came out to present him with a gift. It was, well, dirt.

Combs carried a big bag of soil over his shoulder and took the microphone for an announcement.

"For the last three or four months, all I hear about is buying dirt," he said. "So I got you some."

Combs directed attention to the board above his head, where a video showed him and his crew pull a pallet of dirt to Davis' dressing room. From there, without his knowledge, they stacked the bags of dirt in front of his door so that he couldn't get back in.

The prank left Davis with a lot of work to do if he wanted to get back to his room, but it was in good fun and out of love. However, Saturday was not the first time that Combs got the best (get it?) of him.

Earlier this year, Luke Combs schooled Jordan Davis on the hardwood.

In a video that has recently surfaced from earlier in the tour, Combs and Davis went at it on the basketball court. While full context of where, why and how the hoops game went down is unimportant.

Combs made Davis look silly with a saucy left-handed fadeaway jumper. The former backed down the latter in the paint before hitting a bucket right in his face.

Davis is undoubtedly grateful of Combs for bringing him on tour, but it came with a small price. He got got not once, but twice— on the hardwood earlier this year and on stage during Saturday's concert!