Luke Combs Rips Canadian Fan To Shreds For Throwing Cup Of Ice At His Head Before Fight Breaks Out In Crowd

Don't throw stuff at Luke Combs while he is performing. It will not end well.

One Canadian country fan recently learned that lesson the hard way.

Combs, who is wrapping up his 2022 tour with a few stops north of the border, performed in Ottawa. He played in front of a sold-out crowd at the Canadian Tire Centre, home to the Senators, on Thursday night.

During a performance of 'Even Though I'm Leaving,' one of his more emotional and sentimental songs, Combs was caught in the crossfire of a projectile. Somebody in the audience chucked what appeared to be a cup full of ice at him on stage and cubes went flying everywhere.

Combs did not have a chance to get out of the way. He did not even see it coming.

The cup hit him square in the chest, which can be seen around the 2:34-mark below:

Although he was visibly shaken by the bizarre encounter, Combs is a professional. He kept his cool, did not flip out, and kept rolling through the rest of the song.

However, while doing so, Combs kept his eye on the cup-thrower. Once the song finished and the final note was played, he let him have it and completely eviscerated the Canadian culprit.

Luke Combs teed off.

"Hey hardass, where you at? Hey hardass, I’m talking to you. Where you at? You throwing sh*t at me? You ain’t so tough now are you?"

Meanwhile, security quickly escorted the unruly concert goer out of the arena. His night was over and rightfully so.

Later in the evening, a fight broke out amongst fans to the right of the stage. Combs, calm and collected, made sure that the "motherf—ker" who started the scuffle also saw the exit.

What is up with y'all Ottawans?! Paying a pretty large sum of money to see Luke Combs in concert, only to throw ice at him and get kicked out or start a fight and get kicked out seems... dumb.