LSU Student Arrested After Stealing Enough Beer From Tiger Stadium To Get An Army Drunk

LSU student Bryce Tilotta is in some hot water with the law after allegedly going full Danny Ocean during a heist at Tiger Stadium.

Tilotta was arrested on a count of simple burglary Sunday morning after he allegedly stole $1,500 worth of beer from Tiger Stadium, according to WBRZ. It might not even be close to football season yet, but Tilotta and "a group of college-age males" decided to take a little trip over to the home of Brian Kelly's team.

The crew allegedly checked the beer, loaded it into a black pickup truck and took off. However, due to the obvious fact there are cameras all over the place and license plates exist, the truck was quickly tracked to Spruce Hall.

Cops searched Tilotta's room and found the beer. The exact kind of beer wasn't revealed, but for $1,500, you could score around 75 cases of Bud Light.

LSU student must face the law after being caught.

This almost certainly started as a group of bros just looking for a great story, right? Someone had the idea to pull off a beer heist, and nobody decided to say no.

Next thing you know, there's a whole crew at Tiger Stadium sneaking like it's SEAL Team 6 flying into Pakistan.

There's just one problem: They allegedly drove their own vehicle to the heist. That's robbery 101. As soon as that truck was picked up on a surveillance camera, it was over. They could get the information in a matter of seconds off the plates.

Or, they could just track it back. Either way, these guys thought they were Danny Ocean and the homies from "Oceans 11." Unfortunately for LSU Bryce Tilotta, they were not.

We definitely need to know just how many cases actually added up to $1,500. If it was actually around 75 cases, that's insane. If it's being calculated by resale value, that number would plummet to as few as four or five cases. For the sake of the story, let's hope it's way higher than that.

At the end of the day, Tilotta will strike a deal, get a slap on the wrist and have a story he can tell for the rest of his life. We're definitely not encouraging criminal activity. Not at all, but stealing enough beer to get an army drunk is definitely something we can at least laugh about.

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