LSU Star Olivia Dunne Shares A Loving Embrace With Joe Burrow Painting, Sends A Clear Signal

It probably means nothing. In my Internet experience, it's typically a bad omen for NFL quarterback girlfriends when an Internet powerhouse like LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne starts posting photos where she's lovingly hugging a Joe Burrow painting and firing it up on Instagram. Quarterbacks normally don't escape thirst traps like what Dunne laid out over the weekend, but Joey B.'s been in a long-term relationship with Ohioan Olivia Holzmacher who shares a mini Doodle with the Bengals quarterback. There's clearly nothing going on here between Dunne and Burrow, but that's not to say top-tier quarterbacks shouldn't be shooting their shots right now.

In a weekend TikTok post, Dunne wrote "I think I'm ready to start dating again." Boom. One of you quarterbacks needs to step up and go get your girl with 6 million Tok followers (who knows if that's a legit number because the last thing you should trust are Chinese social media companies). Dunne, now a junior at LSU, couldn't be sending out a clearer message here. It's time for a Burrow-esque QB to sweep her off her feet, but you better be a top-15 draft pick. Don't worry about Dunne being a jersey chaser looking to secure an American Express meal ticket. According to reports, she's already making north of $1 million a year from NIL deals. That said, there's absolutely zero chance some 3rd or 4th rounder has a shot here as this social media star takes the next step with her career unless he's pretty much guaranteed a network TV job after his career as a backup fizzles out. The trap has been laid out. Someone step up.

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