Louisville Women's Coach Installs Slide From His Office To Basketball Court

Louisville women's basketball coach Jeff Walz unveiled a newly installed slide that goes from the second-floor coaches office directly down to the practice gym.

One thing's for sure, coach will never be late for practice.

Coach Walz explaining to reporters that the way the Planet Fitness Kueber Center is set up, coaches have to go all the way around in order to get down to the court. It takes longer and also involves a lot of steps. Nobody wants to do steps when they can just use a slide instead!

"It's the fastest way down from the second floor to the first floor," Walz said. "It's been great actually because the players come up a lot more now to visit with us to sit down and talk, not just about basketball but also about life. And now instead of walking down the stairs, they just shoot right on down the slide."

On Thursday, Walz demonstrated how the slide worked to reporters during Louisville's media day. After he was done speaking, Walz went upstairs to get ready and then came ZOOMING down the slide all set to begin practice.


As soon as I saw this photo, I immediately became jealous.

I felt like I was transformed into being a kid again. Who doesn't like going down a slide?! And having it coincide with a basketball court brought me back to my early playground days where there'd be the local court and a few feet over would be a jungle gym setup with swings, a seesaw and of course a small slide.

As fifth-year senior Mykasa Robinson explained, "I actually think with Coach Walz when he says something that it's probably going to happen. I knew he would get it at some point. Any time we are up there, nobody wants to walk down the stairs so we just take the slide."


The winningest coach in Louisville women's basketball history, Walz has guided the Cardinals to four Final Four appearances and the team has been a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament three of the past four seasons. Last year they lost in the Final Four to No. 1 ranked South Carolina, who would end up winning it all.

The upcoming season tips off on Nov. 7 when Louisville hosts Cincinnati.

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