Louisiana Milk Crate Challenge Shootout Caught On Video, 2 Killed

Gunfire erupted Sunday in Shreveport, Louisiana as people recorded a man attempting the Milk Crate Challenge, leaving two confirmed fatalities, according to media outlets who say a man and a woman were killed in the shootout.

Video from the incident shows an unidentified man working his way up the milk crate pyramid as rounds start popping off and bodies start scattering. KSLA reports Lazarus Thomas, 34, was killed in the shootout while a 19-year-old woman, Paris King, was found dead in the back of a vehicle. The driver of that car told cops he sped away as shots started being fired, but that King was struck at some point during the shootout.

Know Your Meme reports that the Milk Crate Challenge started its current viral run back on August 13 when when Facebook user Kenneth Waddell posted a video of a Milk Crate Challenge happening in a park. “On August 16th, 2021, Jordan Browne would upload another video to Facebook, this time reposting a TikTok from TikToker @taylorxxlauren,” Know Your Meme reports. “The TikTok when posted to Facebook by Brown received roughly 30,000 reactions and 5.3 million views in one day. The video shows more people attempting and failing the challenge.”

Less than two weeks later we have a shootout, medical experts weighing in on how dumb it is to risk injury, and the Today Show telling parents what they should know about the viral meme.

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