Lindsay Lohan Works It Out In Leaked Planet Fitness Super Bowl Commercial

Lindsay Lohan working out at Planet Fitness? Ah, yes. It must be Super Bowl week. Or more specifically, everyone's favorite part of Super Bowl week, when commercials are leaked and we can start remembering what this game is really all about.

Basically, it's a good chance for nearly washed-up celebrities to be seen on what has become a national holiday. But hey, nothing wrong with Lindsay Lohan having a little fun. And Planet Fitness gets a ringing endorsement from this alleged writer. It's cheap and almost always open.

Now at Planet Fitness you could even -- metaphorically speaking -- run into Lindsay Lohan while on the treadmill? Who would turn that opportunity away?

Anyway, the commercial is entitled "What's Gotten Into Lindsey?" and gives several examples of how her life has improved since she joined the health club chain. Among other things, she can now quickly and correctly answer a question about Dennis Rodman on Jeopardy! before Rodman himself.

You can see that and more by checking out the ad in its entirety, directly below.

So yes, it appears the once troubled Lohan is finally feeling "fitacular," all thanks to Planet Fitness. Good for her, and good for them.

Other companies that will be airing some of the more creative commercials during the Super Bowl: Lay's potato chips (featuring Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan), Busch Beer (featuring noted saxophonist Kenny G) and Pepsi Co. (featuring Jerome Bettis, and Peyton and Eli Manning).

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