Let's Check In With San Francisco To See How The War On Crime Is Going

Would you look at that, yet another armed robbery in broad daylight in San Francisco, and this time it's Canadian filmmakers who were held at gunpoint while thugs took off with their pricey camera equipment.

According to San Francisco police, the latest brazen robbery in a city that has become an absolute warzone occurred early Friday evening around 6:16 p.m. when the armed thugs pulled off the robbery at the Twin Peaks recreation area. The thugs parked behind the Canadian film crew's SUV and the robbery was on.

Witnesses say one victim was pistol-whipped as the criminal enterprise began yanking the equipment from the SUV. It's estimated that the stolen equipment had a value of $35,000, and a posted video shows the robbery in progress.

Let's go to the action:

Let's face it, the thugs didn't even need to bother with the guns. It wasn't like they were in danger of being met with a shootout in an area that's described as San Francisco's "best view."

The recreation area is loaded with people trying to create Instagram content and locals out trying to get exercise. And thugs watching camera crews loading gear into an SUV.

“You just never know who is lurking around, especially up here,” Twin Peaks resident Juviel Vinluan told NBC Bay Area about the criminal element that is now working in this area.

Well said, Juviel.

Are you thinking of creating content with your high-end cameras in San Francisco this summer? Let Friday's incident be another reminder that you're highly likely to be robbed. Jefferson Graham, a Los Angeles-based photographer, found out the hard way nearly a year ago when he was targeted as he did a standup shot at Crissy Field with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Some thug ran up and stole his tripod and camera.

Graham was told by police that the robbery was "so low-profile in the courts right now that even if they did catch him, without video proof, the thieves would be let go within a day or so."

And it's not just pricey cameras that have the thugs salivating. There have been so many French bulldog thefts in San Francisco, that the local news stations have run stories on how people should protect themselves against dog thieves.

What a time to be alive in San Francisco.

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