Lenny Dykstra Is Here For Lauren Boebert During This Difficult Time

You can't blame Lenny Dykstra for shooting his shot with Rep. Lauren Boebert during this difficult time.

The 59-year-old former MLB star who was busy winning the 1986 World Series just months before Boebert was born, tweeted out a heartfelt message Wednesday to the political star as she dealt with the political fight of her life to hold onto her Congressional seat.

According to the latest vote count, Boebert trails Democrat Adam Frisch by just over 2,000 votes in a Colorado District 3 fight as the final votes are counted. According to The New York Times's latest forecast, the media outlet expects Boebert to squeak out a win after all is said and done.

There's clearly never a bad time for Nails to shoot his shot. Get some!

"I am sorry about your loss in the election, @laurenboebert," Lenny tweeted. "Who knows what funny business was going on!? Anyhow, I know this must be a difficult time, and just keep in mind that you have someone right here to talk to (or whatever other kind of needs you may have right now). DM me?"

Nails, that's a married woman!

Possibly the best part of the Dykstra-Boebert drama on Wednesday was when Lenny pulled out a classic story about how he tried to get kicked out of a game in Miami after "a fun night out," but legendary ump Eric Gregg refused to take the bait.

"I purposely argued the first pitch to get thrown out of the game. Unfortunately, umpire Eric Gregg R.I.P. knew exactly what I was up to," Nails tweeted.

Oh, and if this whole thing with Lauren Boebert doesn't work out, Nails seems to be up for whatever with Marjorie Taylor Green, who is a recent married woman turned free agent.

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