Lawyer Tells Story Of Hooking Up With Her Clients During Meetings

There is no profession immune from the draw of social media. That includes lawyers or at least people who play lawyers on the internet. I'm not sure which category this one falls into, but I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

24-year-old Amanda Mendes says she's "Just a lawyer doing TikToks" in her bio and from the looks of it she loves creating racy content for the video creation app. In one of her racy videos the lawyer reveals a sexual encounter with one of her clients.

Amanda says in a text overlay on the video, "Me every time I remember my client went down on me down on me mid meeting." She captioned the video "the things he did" and included the hashtag couple fantasy fulfilled.

Relatively speaking this is actually one of Amanda's more tame videos. She has other videos that are a lot more racy and include simulated sex acts.

This also isn't the only video where she makes claims of hooking up with clients. In one of those videos she claims that she was almost caught in the act by her boss.

Some Lawyers Have More Time On Their Hands

Did any of it really happen? Is she really a lawyer? Did we all just get sucked into some sort of social media influencer's trap? Why are we here?

These are all valid questions. Questions that I don't have a good answer for. It is possible that none of it is real. The romantic in me, however, wants to believe that it's all real.

I also want to believe there are lawyers out there hooking up with clients and spending way too much time making content for social media. It's just more fun that way.