Lawmaker Says People 'Have A Right To Know' If The Government Is Hiding UFOs

Congressman Jared Moskowitz believes the American public deserves to know if the government is hiding aliens or crashed UFOs.

UFOs have been a major topic in the news for the past several months, but last week took things to a totally different level.

Below is a list of the highlights from just last week alone:

Support for finding out whether or not any of the claims are true is also bipartisan. The Democrat from Florida is all-in on exposing anything that might be being hidden from the public.

"It sounds like something we have to start asking some questions on. I saw Chairman Comer come out and say oversight is going to have a hearing. I support the Chairman. I think there are important questions to ask, and by the way, if there are things the federal government is holding back from the American people, the American people have a right to know," Moskowitz told News Nation when asked about the UFO situation and an upcoming hearing.

Claims about UFOs and aliens have become increasingly wild.

It's not a secret to loyal OutKick readers that UFOs and alleged alien sightings are something we dabble in here from time to time.

After all, how could we not? The United States government and our own military have picked up plenty of unexplainable videos and images.

It's not just weirdos online making these claims. Many of them come from people with credible backgrounds, such as deep ties to the intelligence community or military.

Retired Navy Commander David Fravor is a great example. He filmed the now-legendary "tic tac" video from his fighter jet nearly 20 years ago.

Now, the police in Las Vegas are seriously investigating the claim that eight-foot tall aliens were in a man's backyard.

Clearly, the issue isn't going away. Now, Congress will hold a hearing to figure out if any of David Grusch's claims or anything else going on is real.

Most importantly, government leaders seem very interested in finding out if anything is being hidden from the public. Open the books and let people know what's going on.

We'll see if anything can be dug up, but the fact members of Congress are taking this situation seriously is a clear indication it's not a giant joke.

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