Lawless San Francisco Manages To Arrest Business Owner Who Hosed Down Homeless Vandal

San Francisco business owner Shannon Collier Gwin has been arrested on a battery charge.

The art gallery owner went viral when he hosed down a homeless person who decided to park up in front of his business.

Now, the authorities in San Francisco have decided to go after him and he was taken into custody Wednesday, according to the New York Post.

"Gwin was transported to the San Francisco County Jail where he was booked for the arrest warrant on the charge of battery (242 PC)," the city's police announced in a statement, according to the same report.

San Francisco DA Brooke Jenkins tweeted Gwin "will face appropriate consequences for his actions" and that spraying down a homeless person is "completely unacceptable."

San Francisco resembles a failed state.

So, Jenkins and the rest of the city's clown leadership finally decided to enforce the law, and instead of going after hardcore criminals, a man spraying down someone refusing to move is who now faces the hammer of justice. We're certainly not condoning spraying someone with water. That's not the message. We're simply asking why is this the top priority in San Francisco?

Let's just remember some basic facts about San Francisco. People defecate in public, stores are regularly robbed without consequences and drug use is out of control. The city is seriously starting to look like Tripoli after the fall of Gaddafi. Calling it a failed state might be an insult to failed states actually attempting to get their act together.

Of all the crimes to make a big public deal of, why is this one? If a homeless person parked up outside your house, nobody would say a thing if you sprayed them down. Yet, you do it in front of your business and San Francisco is now ready to ruin your life.

Is that really fair? Is it reasonable? I don't think a reasonable person would say so. Not at all.

When there's not drug addicts passed out everywhere, human feces smothered around the streets and robberies pillaging local businesses, then you can focus on a guy spraying a hose. Until then, San Francisco should get its priorities in order.

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