"Lasagna and THC" - Wedding Caterer Sued For Lacing Food With Marijuana, Sending Guests to Hospital

Weddings are known to bring out all sorts of emotions in people. However, guests of one Florida wedding were feeling extra high. It wasn't from the love that was in the air, but rather the marijuana that was in the catered food.

Attendees of a Seminole County, Florida wedding (of course it was Florida) began feeling strange during a wedding reception in February. Soon, multiple people began falling ill, prompting calls to 911.

When police showed up, first responders were already on the scene and treating several sick guests. Some were admitted to a local hospital.

It turns out the caterer allegedly cooked the food with THC without informing any of the guests!


One of the attendees is now suing the caterer from Joycelyn's Southern Kitchen Inc.

Virginia Ann Taylor-Svoboda said she suffered "severe, permanent injuries," due to harmful levels of cannabis found in the food, according to the lawsuit,

She claims she had "marijuana poisoning" and is now suing caterer Joycelyn Bryant for more than $30,000 in damages.

"Bryant knew, or should have known, that allowing the food served by (Joycelyn’s Southern Kitchen) to be laced with marijuana was reasonably likely to cause injuries and damages to wedding guests," the lawsuit claims.


A guest reportedly told police that the food was laced with THC.

Samples of the catered food were sent to a lab for testing. They revealed that the lasagna and bread tested positive for THC.

After interviewing the bride and groom, police eventually arrested both Bryant and the wedding bride Danya Svoboda. The groom did not have knowledge of their alleged pot... I mean, plot.

Both Bryant and the bride have been with charged and booked on several charges including violating the Florida Anti-Tampering Act and delivery of marijuana. They have both pleaded not guilty.

This is just a wild story and I have so many questions.

Was it a prank gone wrong? If the bride wasn't in on it, was the caterer just trying to get some laughs? Also, how much marijuana did they use in the food? It seems like a waste to just randomly use it for someone's wedding. Also how much damn lasagna are people eating that they are ending up in the hospital because of THC in it?!

The groom is probably like NO WONDER the catering bill was so expensive - we had to pay for pounds of pot with it!

The plaintiff is requesting a jury trial against Bryant.

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