Las Vegas Watch Snatcher Accused Of Hiding Rolex In Her Genitals

Get a good look at this woman. If you wear a Rolex, there's a good chance she could steal it and shove it up her genitals to sneak it out of a Las Vegas hotel.

Police say Baltimore resident Sarah Richards, 33, was arrested Sunday at Aria hotel after a man complained to hotel security that the woman had stolen his $12,000 watch during an early morning cuddle session. Here's a plot twist for you: Richards was in town for a Monday court hearing on a similar theft incident, according to KLAS.

In the Sunday morning case, the man says he met Richards and asked her to come back to his room. Once in the room, there was a cuddle session and that's when this alleged thief went to work. The man claims Richards asked him to take off the watch so it wouldn't cut her while they got their cuddle on.

Because the guy is not very Vegas savvy, he took off the watch and put it under his pillow. And he kept drinking wine as Richards encouraged more partying.

You know exactly where this one is headed.

The man eventually figures out his watch isn't in his trusty hiding spot under a pillow and that's when Richards freaks and ducks out of the room. The man follows and tells security that the woman might've stolen his watch.

Eventually the cops are called and they can't locate the watch on her person. But, there's always that one final hiding spot for watch snatchers. These cops aren't dumb, honey.

Ms. Richards eventually dumped out the evidence.

“She stated that we were going to find it anyways at jail and she did not want to go through the hassle,” police stated in the official report.

Richards in June when she allegedly stole some other guy's watch:

In the June case, Richards is accused of targeting a Patek Philippe watch that was valued at $100,000.

If you're still reading this post and like to wear expensive watches in Las Vegas, you need to have that face burned into your memory. If the Vegas Watch Snatcher has targeted two men within six months, think of how many times she's pulled this stunt.

Guys, let's have our wits about us before you start letting prostitutes into your rooms. I get it, you want to get some action in Vegas and it goes hand-in-hand with getting loaded and gambling your ass off on a Vegas bender, but these women are savage beasts.

One minute you're wearing a watch, the next minute you're not getting any vagina and your watch is going for a ride.

Be smarter.

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