Lana Del Rey Accidentally Jacked Up During Super Bowl Celebration In Taylor Swift's Suite

Lana Del Rey was the victim of the rowdiness of Taylor Swift's Super Bowl suite.

Swift's suite was locked and loaded with stars for Super Bowl LVIII, including the fellow singing superstar and actress Blake Lively. If you're going to go big for the Super Bowl, you might as well bring out the big guns.

That's exactly what Swift and her entourage did Sunday night. Unfortunately for the "Summertime Sadness" singer, she took some accidental contact while celebrating the Chiefs winning in overtime.

Watch the situation unfold below, and let me know your thoughts at

Lana Del Rey takes accidental contact while celebrating in Taylor Swift's suite.

To Lana Del Rey's credit, she took that contact like it was nothing and just shook it off (no pun intended). I'm sure her adrenaline was firing on all cylinders.

Hell, maybe she didn't even feel it. The Chiefs just locked up another ring, the star singer was with Swift and Lively and the party was underway.

Sure, you might accidentally get crushed, but that's the nature of the beast.

The internet also had plenty of fun with the situation. Lana Del Rey getting crushed definitely didn't go unnoticed.

Also, Lana Del Rey has been on a bit of a content heater lately. She fired up Instagram with a gun photo, and low-key stole the show during the Super Bowl with Taylor Swift.

The entertainment/sports world crossover content is always unpredictable.

Props to Lana Del Rey for taking that hit like a champion and not even slowing down. That's the kind of person who can party with me any day of the week. Let me know what you thought of the chaos at

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