Lamar Odom Ended Up With His Championship Rings That He Pawned Off

Lamar Odom is celebrating the return of his pawned Los Angeles Lakers championship rings, thanks to the good gestures of the buyer.

Speaking on his "On The Lo" podcast, the former Lakers star described the unusual story of how he was able to recover his prized possessions.


Odom said that he randomly ran into the fan who bought his rings at a Lakers game on October 20th. After talking, the fan offered to give the rings back to Odom free of charge, saying that he earned them during his playing days.

Back in 2016, Odom sold both his 2009 and 2010 rings in order to help pay for medical bills after nearly dying from a drug overdose at the Love Ranch brothel in Nevada. The rings went up to auction with the 2009 one being sold for $36,600 and the 2010 one for $78,000.

Despite his off-court personal issues, people sometimes forget just how good Lamar Odom was. During those championship runs, Odom only missed 4 games in both seasons where he averaged 11 points and 9 rebounds. Alongside Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, Odom was a definitive force in helping spread the offense so the other stars could do what they do.

After his tenure with the Lakers, Odom went on to play with the Dallas Mavericks and a short stint with the Los Angeles Clippers before retiring. He also made headlines after marrying Khloe Kardashian back in 2009 only to then divorce in 2013.

Meanwhile, the Lakers could possibly use the 42-year-old back on the court these days. The team has been absolutely dreadful - starting the season at 1 and 5.

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