Kyle Kuzma Wears Absurd Outfit At New York Fashion Week

Kyle Kuzma hit the catwalk at New York Fashion Week wearing whatever the hell this thing is supposed to be.

That appears to be some kind of skirt... made out of winter coats? As well as a hoodie with a basketball jersey over it?

According to TMZ Sports, this was part of Puma's fashion show. Kuzma has an endorsement deal with Puma, which isn't surprising because who would want to walk around in something that dumb unless you were getting paid a lot of money?

This isn't the first time Kuzma had to parade around in something ridiculous. A few years ago, Kuzma wore a giant sweater... because apparently, that was just the thing to do.

He looks like he should be waving his arms in front of a used-car dealership.

That's just preposterous.

Kyle Kuzma Helped Illustrate Why The Fashion World Is Insane

This lends credence to my theory that the world of high fashion is one of the longest-running pranks in human history.

The idea is to come up with the most ridiculous ideas and see if the dopey followers crammed along the runway will imitate them. That's the name of the game: seeing who can get vapid people to buy into the most insane trends.

Then, once they do, they charge them through the nose for the privilege of looking ridiculous in the name of fashion.

Somewhere the Guccis, Versaces, and Pumas of the world are laughing and throwing wads of cash at each other all because they convinced a few people to where some parkas like a prom dress.

Olympic legend Usain Bolt was also in this Puma fashion show, but they spared him from looking like a total fool.

He suited up in a tracksuit tuxedo.

I could get behind the idea of a tracksuit tuxedo. That would make most weddings more palatable if you could dress less like Jay Gatsby and more like Tony Soprano.

But why is part of it dragging on the ground?

What if you have to sit or use the bathroom? What if you've had a few drinks and want to show your fellow guests a sweet Citi Bike trick you've been working on? The cape part would get caught in the spokes!

Totally impractical... aside from that, I don't have much of a problem with it.

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