Kristin Cavallari Has An Important Message After Trip To Mexico 'I'm Still Single'

Kristin Cavallari is fresh off a vacation where she went through an emotional and spiritual detox. She shared a message when the trip was over and it's that she's single and ready to mingle.

The reality TV star paid a visit to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico with her best friend for a four day detox and reset. The "clarity and peace" she came away from the trip with had her feeling the need to point out that she's available.

She said in the caption of one of her Instagram posts from the trip, "I feel like I need to start by saying Justin is my best friend and he's gay. I'm still single, men."

That feels like an invitation for shooters to shoot. Kristin backed up that invitation with an Instagram Story post. In it she admits that she makes it hard for anyone to approach her.

The picture she shared is of her holding hands with her best friend and is captioned, "Yeah, not sure why guys don't come up to me."

The Time Is Now To Shoot Your Shot At Kristin Cavallari

Holding hands with her best friend in public might keep some from approaching her. The messy public divorce from Jay Cutler is likely keeping a larger number from pulling up to take their shot.

Having said that, there's never been a better time to shoot your shot. She's fresh off of a Mexico reset where she had an emotional and spiritual detox.

Kristin also felt the need to point out that she's single. These are all things working in your favor.

Now let's take a look at the things that aren't working in your favor. You're most likely not 6' 3" with a gunslinger mentality and a laid-back disposition.