Kindergartners Stopped A South Carolina Bus Hijacking By Being Kindergartners, Bus Driver Says

What happens when an Army recruit goes nuts, arms himself and hijacks a bus to get home from Fort Jackson, but he hijacks a bus filled with 18 kindergartners? In the case of Jovan Collazo, his master plan to hijack the bus backfired when the kindergartners started driving him crazy with their line of questioning as Collazo attempted to get home.

Bus driver Kenneth Corbin told Good Morning America that the kids are the "heroes" of this story because they drove Collazo, armed with a rifle that didn't have ammunition, so crazy with their questions that he ordered Corbin to stop the bus and ordered everyone off.

“At the end when they started questioning him, it seemed to have frustrated him because his main objective were to get to the next town, but I think we were only on the road about four miles and he just got frustrated with the questions and just told me to stop the bus and get off. All y’all get off now,” Corbin told GMA.

After hijacking the bus, Collazo moved the kids to the front of the bus and that's when the questioning began, according to the bus driver.

Students asked the man if he was a soldier.


They asked why he was hijacking their bus.

They asked if he had intentions of hurting them.


They asked Collazo if he was going to hurt the bus driver.


And that was it, the AWOL soldier had enough. EVERYONE OFF THE BUS.

Collazo's main goal was to get to a town that was approximately 20 miles away, but after four miles, the Army recruit was done with his passengers and their questions. Now he faces 19 counts of kidnapping.

Let that serve as a lesson, lunatics. You get what you deserve.

Now imagine living with these interrogators on a daily basis. The best form of defense is to act like you don't hear them. At some point, you just have to put your foot down and hit the mute button because their little minds will cause you to stop the bus and order everyone off.

Next time, Jovan will have 18 iPads with him to keep the kids busy while pulling a hijacking.

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