Kim Basinger's New Face Has The Internet Talking

Actress Kim Basinger is making headlines this week after showing up at at a baby shower for her daughter, Ireland Baldwin, at a Hollywood strip club sporting high cheekbones that caught social media's attention.

The 69-year-old Basinger and her hairstylist boyfriend Mitch Stone stopped by the party at Jumbo's Clown Room where Ireland had a prototypical baby shower. Strippers gave the mom-to-be lap dances and performed acrobatic maneuvers on stripper poles to the delight of the Hollywood elites in the house. Grandpa-to-be, Alec Baldwin, was nowhere to be found for his daughter's big day.

It was about as trashy as you can get for a baby shower, but there was Kim and her new face being a supportive grandmother-to-be. While most of the Internet couldn't look away from a baby shower that was straight out of something you'd see from the People of Walmart, there was a contingent of social media critics who checked in on how Kim's holding up these days.

Now, let's remember that Kim is 69 and she lives in Hollywood. It's true that people go into get work done on their faces, especially if they're still in the public eye.

Maybe Kim had some work done. Maybe she didn't.

We report, you decide.

More troubling here is how joyous these weirdos look during a strip club baby shower for the baby girl. Ahh, the memories. Just imagine the street cred this is going to give the little girl in Hollywood when she's 10 and her elite friends start googling her birth.

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