Kid From Famous Popeye's Meme Is Now A College Football Player

A kid who once took center stage in one of the Internet's most enduring memes has grown up, and now he's a college football player.

Dieunerst Collin, a freshman offensive lineman at Lake Erie College, was the young fella who side-eyed his way into the annals of internet history while waiting to fill his drink at Popeye's.

If you've never sent or received this little gem, you've at least seen it if you spent any time online. It's ubiquitous at this point.

Collin grew up to be a big guy and well-suited to be an offensive lineman at 6-foot-1, 330 pounds. Don't think for a second that he wants to shy away from his past as one of the Internet's preeminent memes.

Nope. Dieunerst is a smart dude, and he sees a natural NIL opportunity.

That seems like one of the most obvious NIL slamdunks since Decoldest Crawford started hocking air conditioners.

Collin has been trying to galvanize his followers into reposting the image he shared of himself in meme-form.

If Popeye's wants to dip a toe into the NIL space, Dieunerst Collin is the guy. At the very least toss a swag bag and some gift cards his way.

I had never considered what happens to kids who become famous memes. It's not like they usually capitalize on this financially so the typical pitfalls of childhood stardom can be avoided pretty easily.

At least we know that for one former child meme star, that next step was to become a college football player.

Good stuff from Dieunerst Collin. Here's to hoping Popeye gets in touch with him sooner than later.

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