Key & Peele Skit Hilariously Plays Out In Real Life As Lions Get Flagged For Excessive Touchdown Celebration

It is extremely funny when comedy skits plays out in real life. That was the case during the Lions game on Sunday as an excessive celebration penalty was called against running back Jamaal Williams.

Back in 2013, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key spoofed the NFL's excessive celebration penalty. To do so, they joked that three air hump pumps warrants a flag.

One pump is okay. Two pumps is okay. Three pumps, however, is not okay. That is too many. It becomes excessive and inappropriate at the third.

Throughout the skit, wide receiver Hingle McCringleberry couldn't stop scoring. And he couldn't stop celebrating with air humps. Each time that he reached the third pump, the penalty flag was thrown.

As it would turn out, three pumps is not just a rule on Comedy Central. It is also a rule in the NFL, kind of.

On Sunday, as Detroit faced Minnesota, Williams took a handoff up the middle. He cut right, ran through some attempted tackles, extended his body and scored.

After finding the end zone, Williams proceeded to celebrate with a combination that landed somewhere between a hump and a wiggle. It was neither a hump, nor a dance, but it was also both a hump and a dance.

Jamaal Williams' touchdown celebration included three pumps.

Take a look:

Here is a better angle of the celebration itself:

As you can see, there were four pumps involved in Williams' Shakira-esque dance. Per Key & Peele, that is two too many. The officials, apparently, agreed.

Williams and the Lions were flagged for excessive celebration. Just like the skit.

Obviously, Williams' penalty was debatable, to say the least. If you think that it was properly called as a penalty, you hate fun.

Williams never should have been flagged— except for the fact that he knew that three pumps or more was too many. Key & Peele established the standard. Hasn't he seen the skit?!